Friday, May 3, 2013

Gardening: Plotting.

The boyfriend and I are cleaning/revamping the yard, I've decided to add some flowers around the porch area to make it look a little bit nicer since he's places our huge rocks we "borrowed" *wink wink* from our Colorado trip. This yard is about 6 acres of land, I think he said, so there's so much room for decoration... I just don't know exactly what to do at the moment other then the flowers around the porch. I was thinking of starting a Fairy Garden type with all of the small benches, mushrooms and so on. There's also a huge tree in the front of the yard that's beautiful and would make for a great Fairy garden around it also. There's a bunch of growth around it though and not sure what it is; the boyfriend needs to buy some loppers so we can clear it all out soon before Spring is over with that way I can plant everything. The great thing about a fairy garden is everything is so small and won't take much space so it won't cost as much as a bigger garden would. I also think it would be something that Zach's little sister, Chieanne, would enjoy whenever she comes over.

I own a book called 'Garden Witchery' that has a section on garden fairies in it. I've already read it a few times but it's been a good while now so I'll need to re-read it. I'd also like some other books on it also before I begin so I need to be on the hunt for some. Any books suggested would be greatly appreciated!

As far as "things" for the garden goes, I plan on buying handmade from Etsy. So if you, someone you know or you know of a place that sells fairy garden items, let me know by leaving the link in the comments and I'll check the shop(s) out!

Speaking of Fairies, don't forget...

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