Wednesday, May 1, 2013


"My scars, my bruises, my damaged bits, they’re all fractions of who i am."

Hi, I'm Brittini.

I'm 27 years young, live in a small town in the country in Texas with my boyfriend (Zach) of 6+ years and our pit bull (Deeohgee). I often go to my parents' house which is only 10mins away where I have my husky/great pyrenees/lab (Sammy), metallic pink toe tarantula (Cruella) and many cats of which I rescue. I'm a stay-at-home girlfriend & animal-mommy due to not being able to work because of my mental health disorders (depression, bipolar, panic and anxiety). I'm in the process of working more on my mental state as well as my self-esteem and have been getting professional mental help for a bit over a year now. I've graduated high school in 2004 and have attended The Art Institute of Pittsburgh (online division) as well as The Art Institute of Dallas for photography and web design. My heritage: Gypsy (Romani), English, Irish, Black Dutch, German.

Music is my number one passion and I attend every concert I possibly can. I also love photography but haven't done anything with it in years. I love body art including tattoos, piercings, and scarification (also love body suspension). Horror/gore and kid movies are my fave kinds of movies. Nature is amazing to me and love spending a lot of time outdoors (the night sky is one of my faves). My little sister (Tootsie) and her boyfriend (Kameron) are my best friends. I'm a Supernatural (tv show) addict and even attend conventions.

I've created this blog to help me stay positive as well as share random things with you guys such as things going on in my life, things I've found interesting, cooking/baking I do, the progress on the boyfriends and mines place among many other things I feel like posting. The name of the blog is from Shinedown's "Diamond Eyes" which means a lot to me for mental health reasons.

Please feel free to talk to me, I don't mind one bit and would love it! :)

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